How to setup your MTK CrashPlan account

Login to our portal with the credentials you were provided:

You will be presented with a window, click the CrashPlan logo on the left, this will allow you to download the Windows client

Next, choose Windows 64

Save the file to your computer, once downloaded execute/run the file, you should see this window after running the installer

Click Next, accept the end-user license, click Next, default install location is OK, click Next – then click Install.  Once the install has completed, click Finish

You should have a new window open now, click existing account and login with the credentials we provided you.  For server address, use “”, click Sign In

You should get a window like this, your backup has started to process, you can now close out (click the type right most red X” of the CrashPlan program.  CrashPlan runs in the background, no need to keep the program maximized

You are all set!  If you have any questions or problems, please create a support ticket or give us a call