Matt is the owner of MTK with over 23 years’ experience in IT. He is married to the most understanding and patient woman in the world.  He has two children, and his hobbies include basketball and working on his house in Mahomet.

John is a system admin with 11 years’ experience in IT. He is married with three children, his hobbies include gadgets and building custom PCs.

Fritts is a system admin with over 10 years of experience in the IT field. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix and has experience with several Application and Web Development languages. In his free time, Fritts enjoys computer games (resistance is futile) and creative writing while also binge-watching Amazon and Netflix shows.

Kyle is a system admin with 8 years’ experience in IT. He received his bachelor’s in Network Administration from SIU in 2014. His hobbies include visiting local breweries, good food, and spending time with his family.

Before working at MTK Jason worked at a large local business as a helpdesk tech, he works as a tier 1 tech with us. His interests include spending time with his kids and much the same as every MTK employee – computer games.

Dan is a system admin with 4 years’ experience, as well as a Radio Frequency Technician for the Air Force National Guard.

Damien is an entry level system admin. He is currently working toward his Bachelor of Science in security. He loves cars and playing video games.