Support ticket creation

Tickets are used when you know you need action on a task or help with a problem.  If you just have a question or not sure what may need to happen before making a ticket, you can always call or email us directly.

To create a ticket, first email  This will make a ticket in our system and notify our technicians that you need service.  This is the quickest way to bring an issue to our attention.

When creating the ticket, please be as descriptive as possible.  If the issue needs action the same day or as soon as possible, please let us know in the ticket details.  When you first email a ticket, you will get an email response from our system:

When we make notes or ask questions about your issue, they will come across our ticket system in emails to you as well.  Simply reply to the email if we asked you a question or you need to add more info to the ticket.

Once your ticket has been completed and is closed, you will get an email notifying you that the ticket is complete.  If the ticket is not complete, please reply to that email as this will re-open your ticket.

Here is our office and individual contact info:

MTK Technologies, Inc.
701 Devonshire Drive, C14
Champaign, IL  61820

Office hours: M-F 8am to 5pm
If you are dropping something off to our office but no one is in, you can leave your item at our front desk.  Just leave your name and number on the item.

Voice: 217.402.9070
Fax: 217.398-0413

Matthew T. Kamerer – System Admin / Owner
217.402.9070, ext. 101

Kyle R. Murphy – System Admin
217.402.9070, ext. 103

Devin M. Hard – System Admin
217.402.9070, ext. 104

John K. Dunn – System Admin
217.402.9070, ext. 102

Meghan Drewes – CPA/Accounting
217.402.9070, ext. 109

Randy S. Dunker – System Admin
217.402.9070, ext. 105